Dardha Valley Public School - DVPS
Kako, Jehanabad

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D.V.P.S. Jehanabad, which completely known as Dardha Valley Public School, Jehanabad. Managed & Run by D.V.Educational and Social Welfare Society. It was established in the year of 2006 by two great mentors. Aim of the this organisation is “Education that promotes intellectual exellence, Religious tolerance patriotism and uprightness of character.

Dardha Valley Public School (DVPS) is  the Best English Medium, CBSE, Nursery, Primary, Middle, High School with Coaching in Kako Road, Jehanabad

Our Feature & Facilities –
* Complete English Environment.
* Smart Classes to facilitate interactive learning.
* Board work & Activity based learning.
* Computer Lab for Students.
* Projector for Smart Classes.
* Spacious class rooms with optimum play ground.
* Music & Dance programmes.

Learning Domain
* Inculcation of moral, ethical, human and social values though inspiration stories.
* Well trained teaching staff to inspire, encourage and motivate every child.
* One to one bonding with every child and thus with every parent.

“वास्तव में यह विद्यालय ज्ञान की भूमि मगध के उन शिक्षाविदों, शिक्षाप्रेमियों के वर्षों के अर्जित अनुभव का मूर्त रूप हैं, जिन्होंने वर्तमान शिक्षाजगत में हुए बहुआयामी परिवर्तनों को ध्यान में रखकर एक मेधावी एवं स्वयं संचालित पीढ़ी के निर्माण का दृढ़ निश्चय किया है, ताकि आज के प्रतिस्पर्धीय पृष्ठभूमि में सफलता का परिचायक सिद्ध हो सके।”

Contact Information

Contact Person Rajendra Kumar
Address Kako Road, Maurya Nagar, Kako, Jehanabad, Bihar
Working Hours Sunday - sundayMore...
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